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Msg  3579 of 44313  at  1/15/2007 12:24:20 AM  by

De Daumier-Smith

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Re: Open the window,let out the stench

You work under the poorest set of assumptions I have ever witnessed of anyone, regardless of intelligence.
Time to open a big fat sack of "look in the mirror" on you, ok Scipio?
The following is an exchange of personal messages between StockFoo and Scipio relating to ASM's reporting on Gary's reviews. This took place the day after seven reviews of Gary Weiss's book Wall St. vs. America disappeared in tandem, and reviewer Jim O'Reilly's gift list was shown to be entitled "Gary Weiss's gift list". 
From: ScipioAfricanus
Sent: 12/5/2006 1:45:54 PM
[Scipio starts out claiming that the reviews were deleted because he complained to Amazon about something Evren wrote.]
I reported evren's post on Sunday night. It was not a review of the book, it was a promo for Auntie Social.
Evren's review and all the ones mentioned on the web site disappear sometime Monday.
Amazon avoids controversy.
Seems pretty simple to me. What would you do if you were Amazon?
From: StockFoo
Sent: 12/5/2006 3:08:39 PM

[StockFoo points out that what Scipio just said makes no sense, given an additional piece of information.] 
Thing is, by my count, seven reviews were deleted from the Wall Street book, but Auntie only mentioned four. Why would avoiding controversy mean deleting more than what was controversial?
From: ScipioAfricanus
Date: 12/5/2006 3:58:19 PM
[Scipio panics, says "Hey look at that!" and then runs out of the room hoping nobody notices.]
You are commiting an "Argument from Incredulity" fallacy.
And you were saying that I operate under a poor set of assumptions? Get lost.


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