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Re: Just BS

"Skippy-O, You seem to be confusing a website with a mojo...AntiSocialMedia.net the mojo started in March of 2006..."

Oh. My bad. You sell your mojo short.

I have found your hate-mongering mojo started long before that even:

This from 1998:

Time to focus on other, more important issues facing "people of size", such as EATING LESS, YOU FATSOS!!!!"

and this from 1998:

"The new law would make it easier for us GOOD people to kill you BAD people if we catch you messing up our cities. "

and this from 1998:

"I just wanted to remind all of you gothics that you are freaks. Freaks unfit for normal society. Big fat freaks. Big fat black wearin' vampire want to bein' freaks. "

I see evidence of your smear mojo tracing back to 1999.

"either boys or sheep will do
d...@tampatrib.com "

In fact, I am probably the world's greatest authority on your true, unvarnished, non-public mojo. Other than you, of course.

"...I first became aware of you clowns and the honorless way you pay your alimony and rent at the trailercourt."

Your disdain for people different than yourself or less fortunate than yourself is very evident. I would downplay that a bit if I had a "Social Media" job for a retailer that sold overstocked items. You should treat your customers and potential customers with more respect. That Byrne embraces you speaks volumes of him and simply reinforces what I already know.

You don't need to explain your mojo to me. I am very well versed in it.

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