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Msg  3495 of 44281  at  1/13/2007 9:48:10 PM  by

De Daumier-Smith

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Re: Yahoo Dissembler Sorting

I'm not saying I figured out the DSA, although I did figure out an innovative way around the daily ban limit Yahoo imposes. That stays with me.

And the name is intentionally stalkinghorse-ish. The Dissemblers are the bashers we're busting. Sorting is what you do when you put something in a database (mine has almost 1,000 linked username entries). And algorithm is probably just a word to intimidate the techno-feeble.

The cool thing I figured out was using ActiveMeter on remote sites. Maybe its been done before (In fact, I'm sure it must have) but this iteration was developed independently by me and you have no idea the insights it has yielded.

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