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Msg  3489 of 44313  at  1/13/2007 8:56:32 PM  by


Yahoo Dissembler Sorting

Bagley refers to on antisocialmedia
to the existence of a "delightful dissembler sorting
algorithm bug" that allows you to connect nyms?

In June of 2006, an obscure security researcher posted a proof of concept that extracts main log-in, password, and sub-accounts from the local cookie stored by Yahoo on user machines.

The log-in name encoding is an incredibly easy 10 character slip substitution. a=0, b=1, c=2 etc, and includes the full email address of the log-in.

Cookies are supposed only to sent back to the server that set them, but use of javascript allows the contents of cookies to be written as javascript variables and sent to unrelated servers.

This scripting permits the thirdparty to extract email, log-in and password information from users who are enticed to open a page with the script.

Judd Bagley's various website's include a javascript tracking code of currently unknown functionality. But the Bagley self-admission about a "delightful" Yahoo dissembler bug raises the important issue that Bagley may have been busy extracting Yahoo usernames and passwords from website visitors.

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