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Msg  3474 of 44311  at  1/13/2007 7:23:15 PM  by

De Daumier-Smith

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Re: Just BS

Skippy-O, You seem to be confusing a website with a mojo.

AntiSocialMedia.net the website was a $20 formality launched in September of 2006, a few weeks after I began working at Overstock.com, when it realized my employment there might cause some to take my research -- which is antisocialmedia.net the MOJO -- less seriously.

AntiSocialMedia.net the mojo started in March of 2006 when I first became aware of you clowns and the honorless way you pay your alimony and rent at the trailercourt.

Because the initial posts to ASM the website were based on mojo that was months old, Patrick probably assumed the site had been around that long. That he's unclear on the actual date doesn't surprise me because I never felt any reason to tell him about it -- neither its launch nor subsequent posts.

I still don't see any reason to talk to him about the site. And if it were to go away tomorrow, my mojo, like Obi Wan, would live on and continue to smite yo ass.

If you have complaints, as I suspect you do, Skippy-O, best to send them to me, since I am keeper of the ASM mojo and the only one who determines what gets published on the site.

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