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Re: Just BS

"By the way, for the record once again, ASM receives support from neither myself nor Overstock..."

This begs several questions:
  • Is Judd Bagley an employee of Overstock.com or is he contracted from some other entity?
  • Does Provo Labs offer support to AntiSocialMedia.net (either personnel, financial or facilities)?
  • Does Overstock.com (or Patrick Byrne) have contractual relationship(s) with Provo Labs?
  • Does Judd Bagley primarily work from Overstock.com facilities?

"...and was started, I believe, before Judd joined Overstock."

Not according to Judd Bagley.

"Director of Social Media


(Public Company; 501-1000 employees; OSTK; Internet industry)

August 2006 – Present (6 months)

Overseeing the development and implementation of a comprehensive social media strategy for Overstock.com.



"Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 07-Sep-06
Expires on: 08-Sep-08
Last Updated on: 07-Sep-06"

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