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Msg  3365 of 44334  at  1/11/2007 3:19:53 AM  by


The company they keep

I just skimmed the latest messages on Yahoo. Does it not seem the height of desperation that they now have Sam Antar the convicted con man there trying to badmouth Patrick?

He signs his messages "ex-felon" which is like Charles Manson trying to go by "ex-murderer"... Just because it happened in the past doesn't make it "ex", Sam. You are still a con man and you are definitely still a felon. Just check the definition.

Though one can see why the strategy seemed oddly appealing after the Gary Weiss fiasco. First they put forward a journalist, Gary, who claimed be protecting the little guy from the big bad wolf on Wall Street and he turned out to be doing the big bad wolf's bidding, employing every dirty trick he can think of along the way. Which became a liability. So, somebody has the bright idea of putting forward a convicted scumbag. I mean, it is not like anybody can out him! They are covered -- he is already outed! Of course, he claims to be reformed and now trying to help society...

 I have to say, even the guys who send out  Nigerian 419 scam letters seem to have a higher regard for their audience. This is like getting a letter that says, "Dear Sir, I used to scam people by sending out messages from internet cafes about money in dormant accounts. Now that I see the error of my ways, I am trying to help end these scams. Will you please help? Wire your deductible donation via Western Union and we can end Internet fraud together. "

And the kicker is, gary loves what Sam has to say! He has given Sam plenty of space on his blog. Does he not get how damaging all this is?!? Maybe he is counting on looking like a stand-up guy in comparison.


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