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Msg  3351 of 44311  at  1/10/2007 9:10:18 PM  by


I pittydafoo who is a slimy bug planter

Racist, poor speller and bad web bug planter, pitydafoo, looks like he is either the original embodyment of StockFoo or some other Labinite...er associate of him/her.

His first post was a racist slam: http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=3532&mn=1872&pt=msg&mid=638303

His 3rd was a botched web bug. He didn't know he couldn't embed HTML into the subject.


His 4th was an attempt to obsfuscate the earlier faux pas.


His 5th was another botched attempt. (Note the undisplayable image embedded in his post)


What is WoodrowWilsonBlog you ask? Yet another non-functional blog owned and operated by Provo Labs/Blake Snow.


It's function? Clandestine web spying.

Quiz: What company purchased Judd Bagley's Big Idea PR?

Let's allow Judd Bagley answer in his own words:

"Provo Labs purchased Big Idea Communications in January of 2006, and through that investment, we've created the first Web 2.0 oriented PR agency, known as 10Speed Media. Through podcasting, vidcasting and blogging, we're changing the way entities brand and present their message."


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3359 Re: I pittydafoo who is a slimy bug planter ScipioAfricanus 0 1/10/2007 11:43:35 PM

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