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Msg  32603 of 44272  at  3/9/2009 2:42:41 PM  by


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Re: deep capture new system

No, we made the move just to disentangle it from the Overstock center completely.  We moved the DeepCapture computers to some outside shop which gave us a good deal.

That said, we do seem to be reaching new plateaus in our traffic. Nothing monstrous yet. But even on weekend to do 4k uniques/day, and on weekdays, more than that..... Plus, the average visitor reads about 1.7 pages (and the first page has many posts on it). Also, the pdf gets downloaded a lot: we have no idea how many times that gets forwarded. All that said, I am surprised how often I come across strangers who know about DeepCapture. I get a message one day from some guy saying he was in a diner in Oklahoma, and the talk turned to Wall Street, and pretty soon four strangers at the counter were all talking about DeepCapture to each other and the rest of the diners. I walked into a bar in NYC last year, adn the bartender said, Aren't you the guy who has been fighting CNBC and the rest of Wall Street? I said, Yes. He didn't let me pay for a drink after that.  These are the kinds of hints I get that it punches above its weight.

And of course, all the major media channels show up studying it for hours at a time.


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