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Re: Bagley =

Here is the Reader's Digest version of what veg_o_matic (OSTK Social Media Director Judd Bagley) had to say on various news groups. Here is where he slipped up and used his hate speech id and signed his name to it.

I'll start with a funny one.

"No, check
You'll find the whole bunch there, except, sadly, for Judd Montgomery. He was the real talent, you know. "

then this:
"Hey DERL-

That may be true, but it looks like you sold most of the vowels that belong in
your name to support your crack habit.


Quiz: Someone tell me what Judd Bagley's middle name is. You get 3 guesses...but you should need no more than one. I'll give you a hint: First letter is M.

ezln23 quoting Bagley:

>You'll find the whole bunch there, except, sadly, for Judd Montgomery. He was the real talent, you know.

[then responding himself]

"This post surprised me. I work for EBC. Why don't you email Rick at and see what he has to say."

They get uglier from here.

Bagley had this on his mind just out of the blue and for no apparent reason:

"You "Goths" are FREAKS

I just wanted to remind all of you gothics that you are freaks. Freaks unfit for normal society. Big fat freaks. Big fat black wearin' vampire want to bein' freaks. "

Bagley doesn't want overweight people to feel left out from his spreading of love.

In he offers this support:

"Time to focus on other, more important issues facing
"people of size", such as EATING LESS, YOU FATSOS!!!! "

Who wouldn't want this sort of approach to a "Social Media Strategy".

Ironic P.S. in this Bagley message:

"Remove nothing from email address to respond."

Bagley apparently holds patent rights to "good". Others are at his whim...

"The new law would make it easier for us GOOD people to kill you BAD people if

we catch you messing up our cities."

Not real fond of the Mexicans, that Bagley scamp:

Remember, he has a Spanish degree. Here's the Google Spanish to English translation:

"It hears, Communist dog cagon… before contributing to this news group, leaves to learn the English. You speak like an idiot, malnutrido son of a late mental mother. Thus, which in your case, not only these quitandome the pains taxes when the marking the property I publish, but like a wet back, these quitandome silver by welfare also! That the life is contiguous, PUTA! Vuelvase to Mexico."

I'll allow KerriLynn to sum up this thread, as she learned a few years ago what we all now know. In a response to Bagley:

"(another *hotmail* post hiding their real identity)
Stand up and be proud of who you are, or shut da [eff] up!
Whatcha so afraid about son?

<mumbling, damn I detest spineless big-mouth bastards...> "

It took a few years to answer KerriLynn's question...but now we know.

Here's the lesson as I see it:

If you initiate a smear campaign based on lies and deception, it is best not to have done all the things you are trying to pin on someone else. It's especially important not to have done things much worse yourself.

If you must engage in the anonymous smear campaign, it's important not to have already done it in the past and bragged about it online.

But if you still feel compelled to do it with that sort of history, maybe to get yourself a nice executive job, please keep your "HATE mongering Ids" seperate from your public "Choir Boy Ids".

Just a thought.

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