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Msg  3227 of 44313  at  1/6/2007 10:04:14 AM  by


jiggyfish = scamp2k?

Since jiggyfish aka Judd Bagley shared a vicious animosity towards Tampa Tribune reporter Michelle Pellemans (and apparently columnist Daniel Ruth as well) and a penchant for smearing and embarrassing people in the media, it seems reasonable to investigate this further.

I'll just take a high level look at the smear job carried out by scamp2k. I'll dig deeper when I get the time. All the posts can be found here:


It's clear this kind of naughty posting is not what one would do from a work computer. The timestamps and IP addresses seem to support that assertion. (Note these are all client PC IP addresses and is clearly spelled out as such in the headers) - Sat Dec 04 22:38:14 1999 GMT - Sat Dec 04 22:35:11 1999 GMT - Tue Dec 07 02:31:42 1999 GMT - Tue Dec 07 02:27:00 1999 GMT - Tue Dec 07 02:31:44 1999 GMT - Sat Dec 11 02:30:58 1999 GMT - Sat Dec 11 02:22:04 1999 GMT

Luckily for scamp2k, these IP addresses seem to be obsolete as I cannot track them to an owner at this time. It is a good reinforcement of my assertion that IP addresses change for each "session" for most home users. I'll dig into this further when I get a chance.

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