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Re: Judd = jiggyfish (and some IP clarification)

This post will kill a couple of birds with one stone regarding IP addresses.

Note this post, which is without question Judd Bagley, as demonstrated here. The sometimes misleading NNTP posting host is an IP address ( in Washington, DC. This demonstrates the limitations of NNTP Posting Host. This illustrates that NNTP Posting Host does not really capture the client IP address. (Remember all the bull at ASM that relies on this fallacy)

Note this post which seems very likely to be Judd Bagley as shown here. Notice the difference. There is no NNTP posting host pe se. It clearly spells out this is the IP address of the client PC, not the NNTP Host:

"X-Http-Proxy: 1.1 x58.deja.com:80 (Squid/1.1.22) for client"

Here is where IP address is assigned to:

OrgName:    State of Florida
OrgID:      STATEO-11
Address:    State of Florida
Address:    Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Address:    Bureau of Technology
Address:    1940 North Monroe Street
StateProv:  Florida
Country:    US

Isn't that where Judd Bagley worked?

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