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Re: Reader Mail

"Stay this course and it ends up in the new york times and they'll enjoy dissecting the blogger Mediacrity, and that can never be spun in a positive way."

This snippet from "Richard" deserves a little attention for its obvious begging the question that Weiss is
Mediacrity. (I also should point out that revealing the truth of this issue would not require Mediacrity to be "outed". He only needs to show he is not Weiss)

Mediacrity seems pretty unlikely just based on the flimsy premise that since someone who recommended reading the Mediacrity blog had the same NNTP server as some other guy who gets accused of being Weiss.

But, even if you buy this logical reflux disease, just a quick peek into the writings of
Mediacrity make it seem even less likely.

The best example is Byrne's debate with this person here. You know, the one where Byrne thought he worked for Bloomberg. That whole "I am told" thing seems to be a weak spot. It appears he believes everything he is told if it conforms to his worldview.

It's a funny exchange between someone using a pretty obscure South Park term to an audience that is not likely a prime South Park demographic. Anyone who didn't know that reference would think the user of it to be pretty odd, especially a company CEO debating a serious issue.

I could care less and I doubt very much that the readers of this website could care less about your dispute with this and that and your “chewbacca” whatever."

"A “chewbacca” something or other is going on. I’m still trying to figure that one out."

"It would be helpful if you would be clear and speak in plain language, and avoid jargon like “chewbacca” that mean nothing to me or to most people. "

"Thank you for your definition of “chewbacca.” It describes perfectly what you have been doing in your messages."

"only after posting a series of odd, sneering, sometimes obscene ramblings that sought to dissemble and divert. Or as you put it, “Chewbacca.”"

This is one of the funniest examples of not being able to speak to your audience I've ever seen. Not only did Byrne fail to revert to standard terminology, he went on to use the term "Chewbacca"  10 times including a douche-chill-inducing definition of it and a couple of links that I'm sure no one cared about.

Anyone who follows Byrne's comments closely (like Gary Weiss) surely know what is meant by
"Chewbacca", whether they watch South Park or not.

Another way to see that he bears little resemblance to Weiss is to read the blogs. Here is a
Mediacrity blog that seems to indicate he is fairly right wing. I don't get a strong political vibe from Weiss, but he surely doesn't come across as right wing.

"The left is always yammering away about "free speech"--except when they don't like what's being said"

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