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Msg  3206 of 44342  at  1/4/2007 2:16:45 PM  by


Reader Mail

I've received a couple of private emails that I'll share with the group. Based on a history of pretexting and that they were sent from the same mail service (that I didn't know about) and they were sent exactly 24 hours apart (to the minute!), I'll assume they are bogus "strategic messages".

I'll let the readers decide for themselves.

"JJ" writes (on 01/02 11:56pm from mail server at

Subj: bagley...your misising the point

"the guy is a Libertarian now. He was booted from the gop for graft. Look into it."

"Richard" writes (on 01/03 11:56pm from mail server at

Subj: Weiss: this is a better way

"I've been watching everything withWeiss and antisocialmedia and think you're playing it wrong. Keep it up and there will be no winners. Just tell Gary to say he;s sorry adn he'll be good from now on and I promise it will be over. Stay this course and it ends up in the new york times and they'll enjoy dissecting the blogger Mediacrity, and that can never be spun in a positive way."

[Note: Don't make the rookie mistake of thinking the sender(s) are from NY because the mail server is located there. The sender could be from anywhere in the world.]

Both apparently are wanting to "help" but both are mistaken in underlying premises. My purpose is to expose ASM as a personal vendetta, smear site which has been pretty clear since day #1. I have seen no evidence to contradict that conclusion and much to support it.

I also have no goal to protect Gary Weiss, per se. I don't know him and have never met him. I have sent him an occasional email tip, which should surprise no one. I would support anyone facing a malicious personal assault of lies by someone who brags about being "especially good" at it. I have also supported SlimVirgin and I plan to look further into the smear jobs done on the Tampa reporters as well. Most would probably be surprised to know that I'm quite conservative politically and am as "white bread" as it gets...Byrne would call me a "cracker". I don't like lying and smearing to advance any agenda...regardless of how noble that agenda is (or is portrayed to be). See:

I would like nothing better than the truth be told in the New York Times. That's the main reason I post the info I find; to add visibility to the issue.

I have no idea if Gary Weiss would want to have this covered in depth by the NYT, but based on the fact he posts about it, I have to think he wouldn't mind either. Once again, that's just me speculating.

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