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Msg  3178 of 44313  at  1/3/2007 5:40:48 PM  by


Judd = jiggyfish

From this post we see that Judd Bagley is jiggyfish@hotmail.com.

If you google that ID in Google Groups, you get one post from the "The Avenger":

I couldn't help but think that tens of thousands of innocent people are dead for one simple reason: the US is the only country in the world that defends Israel!"

If you look for just "jiggyfish", you get this post from Judd's old stomping ground (florida politics):

The word in Tallahassee is that the Tampa Tribune fired Michelle Pellemans...the reporter whose writing has provided them with the lion's share of their editorial fodder.

They say it happened because she physically struck John Wark, her bureau chief. "

I don't know anything about this Michelle person, but I'll put down a high dollar wager she was critical of the Jeb Bush administration. A bit more "strategic messaging" from our favorite corporate/political character assasin for hire.

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