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Msg  31449 of 44303  at  2/17/2009 4:27:53 PM  by

De Daumier-Smith

 In response to msg 31417 by  tamoshanter
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Re: Ironic 2.0

This is classic. I've just published 57 minutes of me making claims that leave Tammy here looking like a complete stooge, and instead of attempting to refute any part of it, she harps on the idea that I lied when I said Bethany McLean left business journalism.

That's all he's got.

So I'll play along, because it's sort of fun.

Let's see how Wikipedia characterizes Fortune and Vanity Fair magazines:
"Fortune is a global business magazine..."

"Vanity Fair is an American magazine of culture, fashion, and politics..."
In other words, Bethany McLean left a global business magazine for an American magazine of culture, fashion and politics.

I'd say this confirms what I said in December:

"Bethany McLean made a sudden departure from the world of business journalism earlier this year."

Tammy, it might help to go scream into a pillow before attempting a response.

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