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Msg  2979 of 44299  at  12/23/2006 11:20:10 PM  by


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Re: Antisocialmedia.NET (NET NET NET NET NET)

Now how about a disclosure about antisocialmedia.NET, Mr. Plausible Deniability? Damn, you wiggle like a fish. Worse than ASM and he's a pro.

Also, you DID NOT ADDRESS WHETHER JUDD BAGLEY is involved with antisocialmedia.NET. Please do, otherwise I'll assume he is.

All you have to do is deny that explicitly and in non-weasely terms and I'll drop the issue. Pain in butt gone and I can goof off more. OSTK removes a cloud of suspicion and we're all happy. It's a win-win.

"Again, Scipio will continue to introduce as much blather ("Pat is just blaming everything on shorting") without ever introducing any quotes to support their claim, because that is the script they are all on."

Strawman Dude, your ego may be hurt by this but I don't make many comments about you nor do I give much of a crap about you or your NSS jihad. My primary interest is showing the deception of antisocialmedia.NET. (NET NET NET NET NET NET NET...say it out loud)

Your 3-stooges routine of tap dancing around the .COM vs. .NET is the most comical crap I've ever seen. Dave Chappelle couldn't write funnier stuff.

I know you're here because your Social Media director is flailing and you're doing damage control. I'm flattered, but make the SIMPLE denial I seek and I'll drop the issue. NO MORE PAIN IN THE BUTT.

At least you got through a post with using the word Chewbacca. I'll take that as progress.

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