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Re: Chewbacca vs.

"Can everyone sense these guys sweating?"

Nice strawman fantasy. Frankly, I sense sweating from SLC. So I guess we're even.

"...conflate all their unknowns and half-truths into one steady stream of invective..."

Please give me an an example of ANY of the above from ME. I'll happily debate it.

"1) I know Judd. He has become a friend in recent months, but that is not why we hired him. We hired him to work on a project that should reach fruition pretty soon. That project is completely unrelated to any of this controversy. When you see it, you'll think it is pretty cool."

I have no doubt that is true, but it ABSOLUTELY IS NOT A DENIAL that he is behind ASM. Would you care to explicitly deny it. If you deny it publicly and explicitly, I'll not post here on that subject again. Deal? You game? What could be easier?

Frankly, I read this weasely non-denial as a confirmation unless you specify otherwise.

"2) I am not behind, offer it no support, it has nothing to do with overstock. Technically, I do not "know" who out there is behind it (the person who is behind it has made an effort to shield me from that knowledge), though admittedly, I have a very good idea. "

Are you confident that OSTK technical resources or personnel are not being used to support it?

The latest ruse was this evening when it looked like automated scripts were used to rate the posts on YMB lower in an apparent attempt to make them drop off the radar. Do you deny OSTK personnel (and equipment) are behind that apparent manipulation?

"Check out to get a preview, and trust me when I say, what is coming is much better."

How could it be worse?

I'll let you slide on the "they" crap and all the strawman stuff about you not focusing on the company, yada yada. You felt compelled to post HERE and I'm pretty much the only pain in your butt posting here and I don't say that stuff. So maybe instead of seeing many as being one, you now see one as being many. You gotta get out the "strategic message" because the ASM message is crumbling badly.

Dude, you've run that Chewbacca gag totally into the ground.

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