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Msg  2964 of 44360  at  12/23/2006 7:56:36 PM  by


Chewbacca vs.

Can everyone sense these guys sweating? They seem to be getting nervous, don't they? Hence the posts full of non sequitors and picking of nits about unimportant details. They apparently hope that they can confuse the average reader, as long as that reader does not go and read the original material exposing (with screeen shots and IP addresses) these bullies.

But the average reader may still ask, Why are they so nervous, and why now? The answer is, it is because the bullies know what is coming, they know where this antisocialmedia stuff is heading, in a way that the average reader does not. They are flailing in an attempt to derail it.

By the way, since they seem so concerned about these issues, and conflate all their unknowns and half-truths into one steady stream of invective, let me help them out:

1) I know Judd. He has become a friend in recent months, but that is not why we hired him. We hired him to work on a project that should reach fruition pretty soon. That project is completely unrelated to any of this controversy. When you see it, you'll think it is pretty cool.

2) I am not behind, offer it no support, it has nothing to do with overstock. Technically, I do not "know" who out there is behind it (the person who is behind it has made an effort to shield me from that knowledge), though admittedly, I have a very good idea.

3) I would imagine that it is barely necessary to remind anyone of this, but just in case: I believe that this country is beginning to see exposed a financial crime of monstrous proportions. As a footnote, we will see exposed a set of unhealthy relationships among the community of financial journalists and the financial agents they cover. Those facing exposure are doing everything they can stop it. Part of their method is to portray me as just some CEO who is mad about his own stock, if only he would pay mor attention to his business, etc. etc., simply so they can divert the conversation away from the data that has become publicly available, data that confirms something has gone deeply wrong in the public market. When you read these guys and their "If only Byrne would stop focusing on his stock price" they are lying (note that they never have actual quotes from me regarding our stock price: that is because they fabricate this as a way to distract you). They are facing the granddaddy of all exposures, and this is their smoke.

Check out to get a preview, and trust me when I say, what is coming is much better.


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