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Msg  2942 of 44299  at  12/21/2006 10:32:21 PM  by


Strategic Messaging = Lying: Funny Example

Here's an outstanding example of "Strategic Messaging" that plays on the fact most people wont bother to check validity. Wow, if THE Paul Allen is invested in OSTK it MUST be a winner! Yeah!

"Judge" says
"While searching for the meaning of "ttm" I bumped into this from Paul Allen (the co-founder of Microsoft). Interesting the parallels he draws between Patrick Byrne and Bill Gates. More interesting that Byrne is even on this guy's radar (did I hear he's an investor in ostk??)" (Dead Link)

If you look at Paul Allens (the lesser) root web page, he is NOT THE Paul Allen. The possibility of an "innocent mistake" is reduced to ZERO if you actually read the front page:

"lesser" Paul Allen says:
"Judd Bagley and I brainstormed launching a PR firm earlier this year that would enable Second Lifers to actually issue real-world press releases from within the virtual world. Judd currently earns Linden dollars by letting people use his virtual catapult which can launch people or cars or anything else a very great distance. We didnít act on the PR firm idea. But now dozens of large corporations are setting up shop there."

Seems the self-described "lesser" Allen is a Utah business partner of "Judge". This lying thing seems so much easier when you call it "Strategic Messaging". He sure is a wascally wabbit.

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