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Msg  21893 of 44360  at  7/24/2008 9:34:38 PM  by

De Daumier-Smith

Dan Schoenherr factoid

Back in the day (early to mid 2006), when I first started doing recon on the obviously paid bashers, my first master stroke was getting a tracking cookie placed on the laptop computer of Dan Schoenherr (also known as Wilburonefor3, HeadLizard, htis2008, etc, etc).

What made this so great, was being able to see where Dan was (based on his IP address) when he would access certain webpages.

As we all know, Dan is from Lyons, CO, and that was the point of origin for most of his activity. But do you want to guess where his second most common location was? Scottsdale, Arizona, always from IP addresses that mapped to within blocks of Gradient Analytics.

Dan and I spoke by phone a couple of months ago.

Rather, Dan spoke -- mostly about himself -- for about an hour, and I spent the time thinking about more interesting things.

What most struck me about that conversation was:
1- Dan's extreme narcisism, and
2- How intimately familiar with David Rocker's motivations, thoughts, trading strategies, etc. Dan claimed to be.

As it turns out, Dan recorded that call. I regard this as a very positive thing, given the extreme temptation I'm certain he feels to misrepresent it.

Recently, Dan posted a link to a brief portion of the call, which, typical of his Bizarro World interpretation of reality, he considers proof that I'm nothing but a paid promoter of OSTK. Later, realizing what a stupid thing he'd done, Dan deleted the file, but I saved it here (please do listen and tell me how effective a stock promoter I am).

What's most interesting about all this is that Dan says he provided a copy of the recording to the attorneys of Gradient Analytics, and even claims to be familiar with their reactions to it.

Isn't that strange?

Not so much when one considers the timing of Dan's initial arrival on the OSTK message board and his recent full-time re-arrival, on the heels of Sam's near complete departure.

It makes perfect sense when one considers both Sam and Dan take their orders from Gradient Analytics, which in turn takes its orders from Rocker/Cohodes.

All in my most humble opinion, of course.

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