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Msg  20078 of 44311  at  6/27/2008 7:43:58 PM  by


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Re: Everything Whacky Patty says is true

BAThompson's post clued me in to this from Wilbur.

"In his rambling, disjointed diatribe back in 2005, where he made the Sith Lord comments that he has since admitted he made up, he also made a number of other false statements."

Let's see. Is that the long, rambling call where I said that:

1) The SEC had grown inappropriately close to Wall Street? (If so, I think this has been confirmed by Gary Aguirre and a Senate Judiciary Committee report );

2) The New York state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was a corrupt hedge fund choagie? (If so, subsequent events have confirmed the corruption, and I am waiting for anyone in the press to see the “hedge fund choagie” implication of Spitzer’s favorite girl, Ashlee, living rent-free in the summer home of Spitzer’s biggest hedgie donordonor, Jim Chanos);

3) Certain hedge funds had grown inappropriately close to certain journalists of the financial press (which CNBC’s own Jim Cramer has since confirmed);

4) As a result of the indolence of the SEC, New York Attorney General, and financial press, a circle of hedge funds were taking down companies through:

Of course, there were some ancillary claims, such as that David Einhorn shorted Allied, hired Kroll to investigate them, prepared a report that he submitted to the feds, and worked the journalist crowd to shill on his behalf, claims which were confirmed by none other than .... David Einhorn, in his recent book.  I think I pretty consistently claimed as well that naked shorting could destabilize the system (as CEO's of Bear and Lehman and the SEC Chairman all came out and confirmed this quarter), but I'm not sure how much of that I actually put in that one call. But all in all, I think that if my predictions had any higher a batting average  I'd have my own ashram someplace.

Incidentally, in retrospect that this is where the cover-up formally began. All that the shills would report of my claims were that I was mad that OSTK went down and something about a Sith Lord, even though the former issue (OSTK trading) had been taken up for just a few minutes at the start of the presentation, and the "Sith Lord" comment was made in passing at the end. No surprise: that is all that the shills would report on is what makes them shills. Incidentally, the call took place on August 12, 2005. Curiously, as Judd has documented, that is when a crowd of hedge find message board choagies descended onto OSTK, and as another has documented (to be made public someday), August 19 is when large married puts began to be generated in OSTK.  How utterly unexpected.


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