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Re: Is NVDA a scam ?

 Lastly, here's some excerpts from the Q2 Earnings Call by Jensen Huang, who I think the world of. 

Jensen Huang

Toshi, I'm reluctant to guess about the future and so I'll answer the question from the first principle of computer science perspective. It is recognized for some time now that general purpose computing is just not and brute forcing general purpose computing. Using general purpose computing at scale is no longer the best way to go forward. It's too energy costly, it's too expensive, and the performance of the applications are too slow.

And finally, the world has a new way of doing it. It's called accelerated computing and what kicked it into turbocharge is generative AI. But accelerated computing could be used for all kinds of different applications that's already in the data center. And by using it, you offload the CPUs. You save a ton of money in order of magnitude, in cost and order of magnitude and energy and the throughput is higher and that's what the industry is really responding to.

Going forward, the best way to invest in the data center is to divert the capital investment from general purpose computing and focus it on generative AI and accelerated computing. Generative AI provides a new way of generating productivity, a new way of generating new services to offer to your customers, and accelerated computing helps you save money and save power. And the number of applications is, well, tons. Lots of developers, lots of applications, lots of libraries. It's ready to be deployed.

And so I think the data centers around the world recognize this, that this is the best way to deploy resources, deploy capital going forward for data centers. This is true for the world's clouds and you're seeing a whole crop of new GPU specialty -- GPU specialized cloud service providers. One of the famous ones is CoreWeave and they're doing incredibly well. But you're seeing the regional GPU specialist service providers all over the world now. And it's because they all recognize the same thing, that the best way to invest their capital going forward is to put it into accelerated computing and generative AI.

We're also seeing that enterprises want to do that. But in order for enterprises to do it, you have to support the management system, the operating system, the security and software-defined data center approach of enterprises, and that's all VMware. And we've been working several years with VMware to make it possible for VMware to support not just the virtualization of CPUs but a virtualization of GPUs as well as the distributed computing capabilities of GPUs, supporting NVIDIA's BlueField for high-performance networking.

And all of the generative AI libraries that we've been working on is now going to be offered as a special SKU by VMware's sales force, which is, as we all know, quite large because they reach some several hundred thousand VMware customers around the world. And this new SKU is going to be called VMware Private AI Foundation. And this will be a new SKU that makes it possible for enterprises. And in combination with HP, Dell, and Lenovo's new server offerings based on L40S, any enterprise could have a state-of-the-art AI data center and be able to engage generative AI.

And so I think the answer to that question is hard to predict exactly what's going to happen quarter-to-quarter. But I think the trend is very, very clear now that we're seeing a platform shift.


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