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Re: Random Thoughts

The whole thing feels odd.
My point about "taking it down because they can" was simply that when someone saw there was no upward pressure/buy the news, they sold it and the increased volume came as shorty and the computers piled into the trade.  I could be completely wrong, but it was my thought at the time. 
Why was there no upward pressure on the news?  I have no idea.  Some of it was baked in maybe.  Still, it made me wonder if this is so tightly held for the long-term that there really is no buying or selling pressure much of the time and that the MMs are mostly in control.  They could drive it down, along with Arilius (the name is ironic; makes me nauseous) or the like, for whatever agenda they have.  I'm not an expert on how all this stuff works, however, and I may very well not know what I'm talking about in this case. 

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