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Msg  46666 of 46787  at  11/12/2019 4:40:44 PM  by


Credit Suisse

Pretty much the same and, since KG is presenting next week in London, if there are any surprises I suspect he will be the one to announce them.
1.  Huntington's Chorea PIII trial results Q1 2021.
2.  Ingrezza continuing education mantra.  Seasonality effect in Q1 will likely be greater as more and more scrips are refills.  Took about a month and a half to work through in 2019.
3.  Opicapone will not be a specialty drug and probably be less than $600 per month.  After paying royalties and COGS, gross margin will be 62.5%.  Will owe $20 million upon approval to Bial.
4.  Acknowledged that both Neurocrine and Abbvie think acceptance for Orilissa has been slower than expected and Abbvie is working on new initiatives to boost sales.  Approval for UF expected Q2 2020 and there is hope UF will be more successful.  UF's patient profile is generally older and may be more motivated to seek treatment.
5.  CAH and VY-AADC same.

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