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Re: Corporate Presentation

Listened to the call.  I don't have much to add.  New compound in to clinic for PII (not sure if PIIa or PII "proof of concept", having been burned numerous times by previous trial pathways) "later this year." 
They seem rather bullish on TD market and sales growth.  I hope so because I don't think anything is going to really move the needle but for that for some time.  I'm a bit down after listening to the call because I really don't see anything on the horizon.  Opicapone and Orillisa for UF are over a year away from FDA decision.  Based on what was said, I think the former is a nice but not terribly exciting opportunity.  The market reaction to the latter, if and when approved, may very well be "show me."
I don't want to rain on the parade, but nothing gets me excited in the near-term, though I appreciate that the overall opportunity for the company, in aggregate, is significant.  I also think the team is impressive.  I remain very impressed with KG and thought the CFO was sharp as well.
All, fwiw. 

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