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Thank you and happy new year

With too much time on my hands today I decided to go back and do my own personal post mortem on CELG.  What I found included: 
  • Bought my first shares in 1996 based on an article in Individual Investor Magazine (no longer published). 
  • Bought and sold countless shares over time and still held 1700 shares at time of merger that are now BMY stock. 
  • The run of this stock has had a profound impact on my family - bought homes in nicer neighborhoods with better schools, put three kids (last two still in process) through college, switched careers and moved from Fortune 500 into non-profit work for last 12 years. 
While I found this stock on my own, without the great insights, research and encouragement from people like Rob, JBWIN, moranpicks and others I'd likely have transitioned out of this stock and not reaped as much of the benefit.  For this I am incredibly grateful and want to extend my sincere thanks here on New Year's Day. 
I'm also incredibly excited about my positions in ZIOP and BSGM, neither of which would have even been on my radar screen without the great work done by Rob. 
Thanks again and best wishes for a safe, healthy and profitable new year to anyone still reading this board.  Thanks CELG for a great ride! 

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