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Re: 2020 Tax Loss Selling Rebound Candidates

Still believe CRMD, ZIOP and even some higher lots of BSGM have been sold by CELG owners with millions in cap gains....most own ZIOP and CRMD at least - as I posted I know one guy who sold 267.000 CRMD and drove it to near $5 it started reversing the day he stopped, sold 90,000 ZIOP and 12,500 of the high lot BSGM (although he has kept a LOT he bought at 4 to 6).
I love all three of these stocks not just as tax loss picks but for all of 2020. Also eyeing PIN (Pinterest) as a Jan effect tax selling stock. 
CRMD ($6.86) will get approval based on one almost 800 patient Ph 3 halted for staggering efficacy and a ridiculous .0006 p value in an unmet medical need addressing the top two priorities of the FDA - antibiotic resistance and infections. 
ZIOP ($4.82)  is about to start a trial with Dr Steven Rosenberg - the inventor or IOVA TIL technology and KITE-GILD Viral technology and thinks ZIOP's non-viral SB neoantigen targeting  is better than both in solid tumors. I talk in detail here as to why the choppy Nov-Dec should turn in January and why 2020 has a chance to be a breakout yr.
BSGM ($5.78) has a world class product that will change ablation as we know it, a CEO who understands wall street and cares about investors with transparency and a world class executive team and board of directors and has the number one ablation and AFib doctor about to represent it at the big 7000 person AFib 2020 in January talking about the greatest new technology.  Easy double in 2020 imo as KOL's embrace at Jan AFib meeting, April EP Live meeting from TCAI and May HRS meeting and commercialization begins and Mayo deal details come in combined with two key hires who will bring in new institutional money once commercialization begins 
Here's links to our BSGM board and the CEO letter....

BioSig Tech. (BSGM) & Electrophysiology Sector Board:


CEO continues to deliver and has just written his best CEO letter to date. A MUST READ.


CEO has held 6 separate conference calls with over 25 of us and has been consistently transparent and has delivered 20 straight commitments to these investors either on time or early - unprecedented in my 40 years of investing. ( I will summarize in January). He invited 10 of us to the BSGM booth and happy hour at this years Heart Rhythm Society meeting in San Fran this yr providing us incredible access to himself, his management team and members of his Board of Directors and Advisory board as well as access to 2 of the first 3 doctors who performed the human ablation procedures using the Pure EP system. A must read for any prospective BSGM investor is our summary of that HRS meeting with the 10 Celgene investors:



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