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Msg  6735 of 6814  at  9/26/2023 7:00:40 PM  by



CREX feels like a clone of KTCC.  Not in the type of business but rather in other aspects.  Management is extremely bullish with new orders and opportunities abounding.  Big things have been just about to happen when something gets in the way.  Just like KTCC, you figure if just a fraction of the new opportunities come to fruition, it will take off.  Since I have yet been burned, I have bought some shares which may or may not be a mistake.  At least it is now on my watchlists and radar to follow.
A couple of things are bothersome to me.  The backlog that they quote is not based on any actual orders or commitments.  Rather, it is a created estimate based on some open contracts that they have in place.  Who knows what will really result in a purchase order.  The second is that in the March and later May CCs, a question was asked about any supply chain shortages that would prevent any projects from proceeding and management said plainly that there was not.  In the August CC, it was reported that a supply chain issue delayed a project rollout from April to August.  If the delay was in April, why was it reported in May on the CC that there were no supply issues?
Once again, I have bought some shares but am not going to bet the farm until I get a better feel for this one.  Hopefully, they don't have currency issues also. :), 

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