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Msg  5657 of 5719  at  9/24/2021 1:52:53 PM  by


OT: Stock Contest

All right, I finally got couple of things out of the way and have time to try another stock contest if anyone is interested.  Let's give about a week to get our picks together and  in sometime next week.  Here are the rules since it has been so long since the last one:

- Pick any three stocks before the open of the market on Monday October 4th and list them as a reply to this post.

- They must be listed with no over the counter OTC stocks. I do invest in these, but for the sake of the contest will be excluded due to the lack of volume, info, etc. that often are with these companies.

- No funds. I also invest in these also but this is a stock picking contest and not a fund, market timing or asset allocation contest.

- More than one person is allowed to pick the same stock.

- The winner will have the highest combined return after approximately three months or in this case after the close on December 31st 2021.

- Dividends are included. If your stock gets one, please let me know in case I might miss it.

- This is a friendly contest with the grand prize of bragging rights as the grand stock contest winner. Don't get on folks because of their picks or results. I have done great in the contest many times while my actual portfolio lagged and visa versa.

- I will try to give result updates every week or two as things progress.

If you are interested, please reply to this post with three stock symbols. You can give a short reasoning for each of your picks if you are so inclined.

Good luck!!!


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