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OT: Stock Contest - Week 1

We got another contest underway. The market has been down. There must be so many good buys that no stocks were picked by more than one contestant. So far we are off to a blazing start. Uptabdowntab has nearly a 14% return and has the lead followed by Athletic_One and pullinup who are also in the double digits.

The group is trouncing the S&P500 with a 6.6% average return versus only 2.5% for the S&P.

uptabdowntab 13.98
Athletic_One 12.81
pullinup 10.35
A8bil1 9.66
go4_35 7.80
Group Average 6.63
shiftsuper175607 5.92
Mawchek 5.48
bb06 5.01
S&P500 2.54
bottomsupinvestor 2.46
MicroCupTraitor 1.28
jmat -1.82

Here are the individual stocks. A couple over 20% in a week!!!! I hate it when you guys pick winners before I have a chance to check them out!!!

pullinup TNDM 22.44
uptabdowntab VTSI 21.14
go4_35 WSTL 17.95
Athletic_One LTRX 16.93
Athletic_One HIMX 14.78
A8bil1 JVA 13.77
uptabdowntab DRAD 11.67
uptabdowntab TUES 9.14
A8bil1 SSW 9.02
bottomsupinvestor TUSK 8.32
bb06 PCTI 7.94
shiftsuper175607 JE 7.20
Mawchek CTG 7.16
shiftsuper175607 CX 6.72
Athletic_One KTCC 6.71
pullinup AMD 6.68
A8bil1 DXPE 6.20
bb06 ATRS 6.14
Mawchek CNAT 5.76
MicroCupTraitor TTPH 4.93
shiftsuper175607 SN 3.84
MicroCupTraitor OTIC 3.68
Mawchek SNBR 3.52
bottomsupinvestor FRD 3.09
go4_35 SMTX 3.05
S&P500 GSPC 2.54
go4_35 PERI 2.41
pullinup GWW 1.92
jmat AGI 1.32
bb06 PHIIK 0.95
jmat EXK -3.08
jmat AG -3.70
bottomsupinvestor SKM -4.03
MicroCupTraitor NBRV -4.76

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