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Re: Blowout Earnings!

>Dividend? Please, no. Not until they are "mature." A dividend reduces their cash on hand and negatively impacts their ability to invest in R&D and build-out.

It also creates a taxable event for us, where WE get taxed on profits that THEY have already paid taxes on! (But then, we are double-taxed on most everything we buy.)

Indeed, I agree with you, particularly on the tax issues. Better to have growth in equity price, which is not taxed until equity sale, hopefully Long term CG. But I do see a lot of idle cash accumulating, and that does not look good for the next administration. They will want that distribution and tax on the investor, or less margin.... To much cash may looks greedy, and price gouging.

Dunno, but split should not affect anything, it's a perception issue. What is not an issue, is the easier trading in option, which is my main spending income source <vbg>.

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