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Msg  22818 of 22934  at  6/19/2019 1:38:48 AM  by

Dr. Grumpus

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Re: time for grown up pants

When someone says "X happened" that is relevant to the trade economics in which ISRG operates, and I can point out that indeed, X did not happen, relevant to the trade economics in which ISRG operates, I am not going to keep that to myself in some effort to not "politically offend," but I will instead point out the facts, as I have always sought to do on this board, on other boards, in my classroom, and life in general.
How are people supposed to make informed decisions, investment-wise as well in other contexts, if they are misinformed? Pointing out that the president accomplished nothing by threatening tariffs on Mexico, despite the belief by many that he did, is not being political, is not bashing, and is, IMO, not degenerating the board into a "ragsheet."
Just like it didn't degenerate into a "ragsheet" when folks were critical of Obama, the ACA, and trade policy viz-a-viz China under his administration. But somehow, with this president, "oh dear, we shouldn't talk about him" because some folks will get their underwear in a bunch? 
I have long appreciated the contributions on this board, regardless of how much insight they provided. And I also enjoyed those times that are completely off topic and silly. But in this instance, I fail to see how tariffs and trade policy are irrelevant topics, and how the critical analysis of any administration is off topic.
Of course I could have just kept my mouth shut, and let the premise of the efficacy of "the threat of tariffs" remain uncontested. Do folks want quality information, trusting their own intellect to discern how to use that information? If so, then, I second the call for those grown up pants.
And I, as a few others do, will indicate this post as "off topic" since it does not relate to ISRG or the economics in which it operates.

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