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Re: time for grown up pants

  Well, I can understand the general concern, but I still balk at that vague word 'political'. If I use the board site to advocate for a particular political ideology, a particular candidate or policy I favor without keeping in mind ISRG issues, well then protest away. If on the other hand it is evident to virtually every informed observer that any particular politician or group of politicians is adversely affecting the economy in general, the markets in particular, one individual stock or another, then I don't see any need to claim that the purity of 'no politics' helps us advance our undertanding. As they sometimes say, it is good to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out. Ditto with grown up pants, grown up but not so broad in the beam that they fall off and leave one standing there like the naked emperor. I suppose it could also be said that Trump is not really a politician but more of a con-man so his ill-advised actions are fair game.

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