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Re: Brandon Henry's (RBC) take on Mexican tariffs

You have an accurate answer on Mexico from Dr Grumpus

On China; The problem is real

The way he is dealing with is totally unhinged

He is going at it all by himself instead of enrolling other allies. Instead of negotiating via tweets, it will be more productive to have serious talks

And he thinks we dont pay for tariffs, China does. He is using our tax dollars to pay farmers who are losing sales to China.

TPP resolved many of the China issues, but he cancelled the deal instead of getting on board with it, just because Obama did it. Anything done by Obama must be bad (Climate deal, Iran deal).

Today market is up following his tweet regarding meeting Xi and a pre-meeting with Chinese staff. Knowing his character, Trump will make a deal just for show and declare victory to help his election. Conning people has been his trade and it has mostly worked for him, so he will keep doing it.

BTW the suspicion is he is telling his cronies of the his upcoming market impacting tweets and they are profiting from it

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