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Msg  21877 of 22183  at  1/11/2017 11:15:34 AM  by

Dr. Grumpus

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Re: Earnings Beat!

You know, the one thing about ISRG more so than my other investments is that it has taught me so much about analysts. When I first started investing, I really did pay attention to those ratings instead of trusting myself. But then as the years have rolled on, and as I watched ISRG being up- and down-graded and how many of those analysts were just so...wrong because they didn't understand the company (I won't mention any names *cough*Cramer*cough*), I came to realize that a lot of these folks were paid to just say something, but not necessarily anything worthwhile. Not all of them, of course. But too many.
So, not only has has ISRG been a cornerstone for my retirement, it, more than any other stock, has taught me how to invest. Analyze Understand, Trust my judgment. And I also wanted to add that those on this board have been a tremendous contributing factor to that too (I originally wrote "huge" contributing factor, but that word has been poisoned for me for the next few decades...  *sigh*)  Thanks to all of you for being a great community! I do appreciate you folks.
Dr. Grumpus 

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