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Re: Evercore downgrade on 1/4/17

But I think what's going to happen is a growing, but unspoken recognition by the Republicans that the ACA was indeed the Republican plan to begin with. And since it cannot be dismantled piecemeal, and a full-on repeal would result in an explosion of the deficit, I'm thinking we're going to see only modifications (perhaps those that should have been made years ago?). And then the Republicans will claim credit for this "new plan" that isn't "Obamacare" and therefore will be more palatable for numerous people who currently oppose it.
Survey after survey suggests that folks like the specifics of what's in the plan, but then when "Obamacare" is attached to the policies, they don't like it anymore (here is a comical example, although there is no way to verify that the OP was not trolling...). I mean, com'on. Really? Are folks that dense?
But yeah, then there's Trump. As my father told me when I was younger, "the pendulum swings." Yeah, well that's all insightful and all, I suppose, but if the pendulum is big enough, and it hits you in the head hard enough, well, there's that, right?  :-)

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