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Re: A Vegas take on the election...

I agree with you on his obnoxious behavior at times and big mouth but i am not of the opinion that he has lied and lied and I know he has accomplished so many great things in his time in office, much more than the old school politicians have EVER done.

The lame stream media have repeatedly ignored his MANY accomplishments for the good of ALL our citizens and have dogged him relentlously, along with the left dems (talk about liars!!). The left went after him before he even took office. He had no need to run for office for wealth etc. like so many others have done, but saw so many bad things that were always promised by the politicians (both sides of the aisle) and never done and he really ran b/c HE REALLY LOVES AMERICA.

He is rough around the edges, unlike the elites who look down on him like Obama who was an incompetent prez who didn't have a set!! He went around apologizing about America, drawing red lines that he didn't have the guts to enforce (see above comment on lack of balls)

Biden is a crook like many of the left (and right) and the main stream media never reported on his many misdeeds. Along with his druggy son Hunter who went from abuser of drugs to making $80,000 grand a month based on what skill or experience we don't know except his dad was VP of America, undoubtley the greatest nation on earth.

B/c I am a conservative, I would never block your freedom of expression, not that I have any control over this board, unlike Facebook, Twitter etc. that constantly block conservative speech and there is now talk from progressives about rounding up my lot and jailing us!!! Wake up and smell the coffee Punk!!


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