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The View From Stilton's Place:


Wish Vigorously For At Least 20 Seconds

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the worst possible moment, because she might well have cast the tie-breaking vote when the Supreme Court decides whether our nation's highest legal standards rest on the Constitution or on a dying person's "most fervent wish."

Certainly, there's no debate amongst those on the Left: a "most fervent wish" or "final wish" wins every single time and takes precedence over all other legal considerations as long as the decedent wasn't a conservative who was, by definition, hellbound.

But if we accept this as precedent, surely more needs to be done to formalize and codify fervent last wishes. Sure, Ginsburg's granddaughter claims that the late Justice's most fervent wish was to not let Trump pick her replacement, but how do we know with certainty that RBG's real final, most fervent wish wasn't just to "break me off a piece of that KitKat bar?"

For that reason, it strikes us as important that all fervent final wishes be entered onto a pre-need 1040-FFW form, notarized, and recorded with the appropriate government office to expedite eventual enforcement. Indeed, filling out the 1040-FFW form should become a crucial component of every family's estate planning.

How else can we ensure that final fervent wishes are honored, such as Nancy Pelosi's wish to make Botox free for elected officials, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's wish that someone would finally clarify the difference between an ass and an elbow, Wilford Brimley's fervent final wish that we all eat a lot more oatmeal, Hillary Clinton's wish that a movie be made in which she is depicted as ruling Wakanda under the name "The Black Pantsuit," or Joe Biden's wish that Alaska and Hawaii will someday be made U.S. states?

Of course, some wishes - even those properly filed and notarized - will be difficult to execute, such as George Floyd's fervent final wish that he hadn't taken a lethal dose of fentanyl. Is such a wish even actionable? We won't know until a decision is issued by a fully-staffed Supreme Court... hopefully long before November.

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