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Re: Suicide Watch

How come, it seems, that the only name connected publicly to this sordid
shithole of Epstein's Frequent Flyer Visitors seems to be left for "prince"
Andrew...When you got the "goods" on a WHOLE LOT MORE of the SWAMP PEOPLE...
Seems more like another case of Justice Being "Blind" At The "Appropriate"
Time...especially if you are well-connected...I would think that AT LEAST a
few more shitheads would be cast to the hunger of the "news" media, but I suspect
"somebody" in the "right place" has got enough "visual" confirmation along with
the dated log-in records at the most "secure" site(s) just in case the pendulum
starts swinging the wrong way and the frequency they're posting "suggestive" pics
of Trump and his daughter, I'd make a guess "we" really need to get the focus
off Epstein post haste..."something's" looking "close", too close, to keep the
garbage under wraps much longer and, OMG, could Biden, Baraaak, Billy, Hilly,
and a few, quite a few, "others" be "recognizable" in those "candid" videos
and pilot logs and "hotel" registrations?

So, have we hit 200,000,000 yet...where's Joe? We need to "stay focused".

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