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Oops, Today We Got Us A Loss

Paul English, Willie Nelson's drummer, body guard, and "partner-in-crime", passed
away in Dallas at age 87. Pneumonia. He was Willie's drummer to the end although
on occasion his brother Billy spelled him. Willie wrote the song "Me and Paul"
about some of the exploits of He and Paul and I captured them performing it on VHS
Tape. It has Willie strumming and singing and Paul smiling like a Cheshire cat as
Willie alludes to some of their mischievous antics. Paul rarely resembled a cat
though. It was something about his style of dress, grooming, and facial expression
that made me think of The Devil, but in a good way if that is possible.

If I had posted in the ten year period between the early 80's and the early 90's,
I wouldn't have been "Dis" and I wouldn't have been a Peter Noone fanatic, or a
Three Dog Night fanatic. I would have been a Willie Nelson fanatic. My Company
Volvo in Norway had ONLY Willie Nelson cassettes, and lots of them.

I still enjoy his unique voice. I say unique, but about ten years ago I was watching
the Christmas Show being performed by the Gospel Quartet Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood.
After the main performance they brought the bass singer back on stage with a guitar
and he sang Elvis's "Blue Christmas" and Willie's "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain",
both of which were VERY SPECIAL. The reason I probably gravitated to Willie's music
was the fact that he was raised by his grandparents in Abbott, Texas where his
grandpa was blacksmith, 4 miles down the dirt road (now Interstate 35) from West
where my Grandpa was the blacksmith. My older (8 years) sister and my Mom lived
with Grandma and Grandpa during World War II and she remembers Willie coming over
with his grandpa one day on a professional visit.

The other thing about Willie is that he has more TACT than anyone I know. Tact is
the ability to tell someone to "go to hell" in such a manner that they will look
forward to the trip. I saw him give an hour long interview a year or so ago. I
don't subscribe to ANY of his political beliefs, but I am comfortable with him
having his beliefs.


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