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Msg  24916 of 26376  at  11/17/2019 12:24:29 PM  by


Something to chew-on . . .

Really been bothering me...
"WE, The People" are not allowed to "know" the identity of an individual who
overheard or saw a note or whatever that might have been, possibly, coulda, maybe
an effort of quid pro quo of a telephone call or, perhaps smoke signals or a
sneaky morris-code message tapped into a phone receiver or, perhaps a tap dance
in adjoining public restroom stalls (gender neutral, I am sure) for some sort
of something that might have been, could have been, well you never know a sneaky
maneuver meant to feather somebody's nest somewhere, somehow, maybe sorta, kinda…
Well, "he" (and his legal "team") "fear for his "safety" should his identity
become "public" knowledge...
Well, here's a few thoughts on that very subject:
He is dealing with, and being sheltered by members of the "democratic party"...
The very same people in fact whose members were connected to Vince Foster, the
midnight stroller party member mysteriously gunned down in New York, and let's
not forget Mr. Epstein in his suicide proof, 24-hour "watch" jail cell...I can't
remember if it was one or two "others" way back when in Arkansas who met with
untimely departures so it's best I not bring that up.
Now, if I "had the goods" on anybody connected in any way to the democratic
party machine, I kinda think I'd be a little more concerned about my safety
among "my friends" than worrying about the folks who "I/We/Us" are trying to
remove from duly elected office.

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