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Well... Here 'tis Monday


 JJ Junior's still counting his $21,000,000.00 "Bonus" and trying to figure-out how to get his hot little hands on another chunka change but this damned market just won't be makin' that any too easy, I suspect. Nobody seems to wanna question our "average" buyback price these last couple of years and I can't for some reason seem to find anything floating around that would indicate how many gazillions of MY(our) corporate cash was pissed-away by over-paying prices two and three times book in the open market and here we sit, losing a dividend a day in market price and the boyz in the "home office" can't seem to affect boo-jack when it comes to increasing the market price of oil let alone suck-up the free float of MY(our) shares in any meaningful way to increase "demand" and drive-up prices...Now if COP were worth buying, wouldn't you think our hirelings would be betting their farm with their own assets and accumulating more stock in their personal and family holdings? 

Yep! Nuthin' like spending Other People's Money to make those damnable option give-aways give ya more cash to pocket in the annual dump and if ya can't drive the price-up that way, why all ya gotta do is grab more options from your cronies on the BOD.

Anybody give a damn that our 12-month "high" was at $80??? How about our "current" dividend being around 2%???? BUT That's "rising" as the PPS continues its seemingly unstoppable fall...When it hits 4%, I'm suuuuure we'll all be buying more...Who Knows? Maybe even Warren'll (no, not Liz) be comin' back to help Junior out.
Ohhhhh Me. We've pissed-away so many of MY(our) dollars that could have been used to pay-off debt and increase dividends to "reward" us owners for holding this POS...I do think when we hit "Book" we might be able to shake-out an offer... maybe. 

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