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The nostalgic days of the opiod crisis

It seems if anyone of any age has a surgery they will surely get addicted to the pain pills that Big Pharma is pushing and we all know that pain pills are a gateway drug to street heroin which will kill you unless a paramedic with a can of narcan happens to wander by.

I suppose I could look up on the internet how many people died due to the opioid crisis, especially in certain congressional districts in that drug addicted cesspool also known as New Hampshire, but lets just say its headlinable.

Meanwhile, the entire civilized world and its central banks have been lowering interest rates for a decade in an effort to stimulate the economy in some way that only the most sophisticated economists can understand, much less explain.

But I digress; shockingly, the low interest rates have increased borrowing the whole world over and the icing of debt has taken over the cake of productive investment.

The dangerously high debt hiding in plain sight is present in governments, private corporations and individuals, and municipal commitments. Meaning everyone has skin in this game and interest rates must go lower to blunt the treacherous effects of refinancing which my banker friends tell me is a well known phenomenon in the financing industry. In other words, lower interest rates result in more borrowing which results in more debt which results lower interests rates----even negative interest rates which even the sophisticated economists i mentioned above can't explain to themselves much less a deplorable.

Anyway, the lower interest rate(pain pill) leads to the debt addiction(heroin). Unfortunately, there is no narcan for us when the bubble bursts and, dare i say, we will be looking back nostalgically on the comparatively small amount of deaths the opiod crisis has caused.

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