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Really been gnawing at my knickers


 On "Father's Day" no less...

Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum[b] = Twitter, which to me = Twidder Twadder or Mostly Crumb...

A World "Crisis" Trump may have caused, by pointing-out an "obvious" spelling, and possible usage "error" from OUR Commander and Chief to the well-monied, well-entrenched, power player and world-renown Puller-of-Strings and Junior Leader of the Welsh Masses and their Pasty Empire...
Gad! What a Bloody Mess we could have been in had he twaddled something like, perhaps...
I sent you a really, really Old Collector Car we New Worlders sometimes refer to as a "Tin Lizzie" so that you may Beetley-Bop down those pot-holed roadways you cross-ponders call, affectionately, "Lanes" and known, officially, as The Queen's Highway(s).
I am sure that the masses will turn-out in number when you have your Grandmother in the rumble-seat of her namesake automobile, bouncing to and fro as you recklessly speed on your way while she demurely, though pontifically, gives the Royal Smile and Hand Wave you Royals are so well-known for.
I have heard, that the sounds of Wales dying are very similar to the Whales given off by the loyal subjects of Wails when confronted by their Royal Bettors. 
Do you REALLY have Tee-Time Daily? Gad! How I envy you! 
Your Buddy, Donald. 

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