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Re: orchestra

Going to give my opinion without any guesses.  Well, I think a lot of folks involved in choosing the music but I think Obama having been the most powerful man on earth is probably the most influential person.  He made great strides in moving toward a socialist govt and he was in a position to know what was going on but nobody does things without help and folks with a lot money helped him to get more power themselves and Hellery was definitely really involved along  with Soros and other money folks.  The folks running the show definitely did not care about having a free society but were more interested in more money and power but I think things are changing with the appointment of Barr.  I am definitely concerned with his safety.  Those folks showed what they were capable of doing with the appointment of Kavanagh and the lengths they went to, to stop him.  For sure it is a huge orchestra made up of democrats and unwitting folks.  So the answer is Obama with a lot of help from various sources and I would put Hellery in second place in trying to change our form of govt.  Really serious and corrupt things they were doing and still doing.  If Barr stays healthy he will put a stop to it.


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