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Christopher Hill

I read an article about a career diplomat, Christopher Hill, who was described in the
article as Ambassador to South Korea under Bush and now teaching at the prestigious
University of Denver. In the article he said "I do hope the Trump Administration has
learned a little about diplomatic trade craft" that led to the failed summit with North
Korea. I was compelled to learn more about what someone with successful diplomatic
trade craft skills could accomplish.

He was the South Korea Ambassador under Bush from 2004 to 2005 and then Asst Secretary
of State For East Asia and Pacific from 2005 to 2009. On 2/14/05 he became Head of the
US Delegation of the Six Party Talks aimed at resolving the North Korean Nuclear Crisis.
On 4/11/08 he reached a deal with North Korea concerning a range of nuclear activities
and the lifting of sanctions against North Korea.

In this role he got to know China extremely well and was successful in changing China's
view of North Korea from that of a partner and ally to the realization that North Korea
needed to give up there nuclear ambitions.

Having solved the North Korea Nuclear Crisis using superior diplomatic trade craft, he
was appointed Ambassador to Iraq in April 2009 charged by Obama with reaching an
agreement to form an Iraqi-run government. He completed this assignment in only 16
months and then retired from government service.

Luckily for President Trump, the University of Denver does offer online course work.


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