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Re: Bound to Burn

Huber's article was interesting, but such doom, gloom and divisiveness!

One can believe it is impossible for governments of major countries around the world to make rational decisions on energy. True, some have made pretty poor decisions in the past, but that doesn't mean better decision making cannot be part of our future. Sure, China is building alot of coal fired plants but they also lead the world with orders for new nuclear capacity. China is also experiencing major public health problems with their air pollution. Further, if Huber thinks the Chinese and the Indians are not doing risk assessments on the impact of potential continued glacial loss on their principle water supplies or ocean level rise on their great coastal cities due to climate change, he's just not paying attention. They are not stupid people.

There is no single solution to our energy needs. Given that, articles like Huber's does little to advance any rational discussion on what the appropriate future mix of energy technologies should be. In my view, the principle purpose of his article seems to be keeping his personal paycheck coming by inflaming the passions of his readers against the green goblins.

Not a very useful addition to the debate in my opinion.

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