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Msg  36735 of 131652  at  7/25/2007 9:20:33 AM  by


Citgo - Name Change

Subject: Citgo - Name Change

CITGO CHANGING NAME American Boycott of Citco is working.

Remember Chavez owns Citgo, we can put him out of business.

Chavez is NOW getting a Russian Weapons Factory built by Putin. The RUSSIANS are building an AK-47 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle factory in Venezuela, to give armament support to Communist Rebel groups throughout the Americas.Chavez NOW has IRANIANS operating his oil refineries in Venezuela for him. It is likely only a matter of time, if not already, before Chavez has Iranian built LONG RANGE missiles, with a variety of warhead types aimed at: Guess Who?CITGO is NOW in the process of Changing Its Name to PETRO EXPRESS due To the loss of gasoline sales in the USA due to the recent publicity of ownership by Chavez of Venezuela.Every dollar you spend with CITGO or PETRO EXPRESS gasoline will be used against you, your basic human rights, and your freedoms. He will start wars here in the Americas that will probably be the death of millions of free people.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because Chavez is starting to feel the loss of revenue from his holdings.HE OWNS CITGO This is a very important move that everyone should be aware of.ANNOUNCED JUST RECENTLY, CITGO, BEING AWARE THAT SALES ARE DOWN DUE TO U.S. CUSTOMERS NOT WANTING TO BUY FROM "CITGO-CHAVEZ", HAVE STARTED TO CHANGE THE NAME OF SOME OF THEIR STORES TO: "PETRO EXPRESS" DO NOT BUY FROM "PETRO EXPRESS" EITHER!!!"PETRO EXPRESS" IS ALSO 100% OWNED BY "CHAVEZ." KEEP THIS MEMO GOING SO THAT EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING. BOYCOTT "CITGO" AND "PETRO EXPRESS."MAKE SURE THIS IS PASSED ON TO EVERYONE ON YOUR E-MAIL LIST IN THE UNITED STATES. "IN GOD WE TRUST"

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