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Re: Some new Yescarta data

No offense, but you are wrong.
Yes, liso-cel is a year away from approval, but it's going to happen.   It has a better safety profile allowing for outpatient treatment.  Instead of hospitalizing patients for two weeks, they can stay nearby and come in if there is any problem.  
"would not let them sell it commercially"; It's more a situation where if they can't produce a full dose (typically because of poor quality of cells from very sick patients), they can't charge for it and might as well give whatever they did create to patient.  Kite has 97% on-spec production last we heard.  I believe the 3% of non-conforming product are considered part of the Zuma-9 trial.
JCAR015 is a different construct than JCAR017 (liso-cel).  Different co-stimulatory domains.  Fixed dosage.  They were giving too high a dosage in JCAR015 creating neurotoxicity.
Not trying to be antagonistic.   Just realistic.  

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